Sustainable Sourcing of Raw Materials

Our Sustainability programme is based on a five-pillar strategy that extends across the full life cycle of our business, ranging from raw material sourcing, to product creation, our employees, our customers and the end consumer.

As the world’s largest buyer of raw materials in the fragrance and flavour industry, we have an ethical and commercial responsibility in the supply chains in which we operate. Using over 14,000 different ingredients in our fragrance and flavour products from more than 50 countries, it is critical that we have a deep understanding of our raw materials supply chains.

We source nearly 200 natural perfumery materials. Our Innovative Naturals programme brings together strands that not only reinforce the sustainability of our business – they enrich the palettes of our perfumers. We combine a programme of ethical sourcing and sustainable development with a drive to find the purest natural ingredients for inclusion in our Orpur® range, a special collection of more than 50 ingredients that are the jewels in our naturals portfolio.

Our first pioneering initiative aimed at achieving these objectives was in Australia. Since 2001 we have preferred to use Australian sandalwood due to the deforestation and quality issues that threaten Indian sandalwood. In June 2007, we signed a partnership agreement with Mount Romance, a producer of pure Australian sandalwood oil. This partnership creates a sustainable supply of a specific grade of oil from sandalwood that is harvested by indigenous communities in the southern part of Western Australia.

Since this first initiative we have expanded our sustainable naturals sourcing programme with further initiatives including the sourcing of benzoin from Laos and tonka beans from Venezuela. As part of our five-year strategy we will further expand our sustainable sourcing with a focus on naturals by leveraging this knowledge and heritage.