Research and Development

We will deliver consumer-relevant solutions driven by our unique innovation platform, which is backed by:

  • An industry-leading R&D spend of CHF 336 million in 2010
  • A rich creative talent pool: 25% of the world’s best perfumers and 40% of the world’s best flavourists and flavour food scientists
  • Active collaboration with outside experts including our ChefsCouncil programme in flavours or our TecnoScent project, with ChemCom SA, which was established to accelerate understanding of the sense of smell
  • Leveraging cross-divisional knowledge in chemistry, biotechnology, delivery systems and analytical science

Our R&D teams have a strong link with our consumer understanding teams to drive value in innovation. We are focusing on targeted areas including: TasteSolutions® to develop healthier, clean-label products; TasteEssentials® to develop – with our customers– consumer-preferred taste for food and beverage products; receptor research and new molecule creation to gain competitive advantage with our fragrance and flavour creations.

Our leading receptor research includes high throughput screening for novel natural sweetener enhancers, salt replacers and bitter maskers that help in the development of great tasting, healthier food and beverage products.