Health and Wellness

Today’s consumers seek to address health problems and reduce the incidence of obesity and conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. They want food and beverage products that are good for them, but which also taste good.

This consumer shift is creating a growing Health and Wellness market opportunity and our objective is to capture a significant share of it by capitalising on our technology innovation portfolio TasteSolutions®. One example is TasteSolutions® Salt.

Fragrances uplift everyday tasks by communicating freshness, cleanliness, softness, calmness or relaxation, and by contributing to our sense of well-being. Fragrances evoke a positive emotional response in each of us and fragrance technologies draw on various methods to ensure the perfume experience occurs at exactly the right moment in product use, whether for personal washing, laundry or home care. This technology has been commercialised in Mechacaps.