A Platform for Growth

Our acquisition of Quest International in 2007 transformed the fragrance and flavour industry. In 2010 we successfully completed the integration of the acquisition and are now entering the next era of sustainable, profitable growth for the business. We are in a strong position to capitalise on our distinct leading capabilities to continue to outperform the underlying market growth. This strength is underpinned by our long-standing relationships with the leading food, beverage, household, personal care and fine fragrance manufacturers around the world. Our global reach, the diversity and creativity of our teams coupled with our customer-servicing model ensures we have the right people in the local markets to further build, develop and sustain our privileged relationships with global, regional and local customers.
The key pillars of our five-year strategy are:
  • Developing markets
  • Research & development
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sustainable sourcing of raw materials
  • Targeted customers and segments
Through the successful implementation of our strategy we will achieve our midterm objectives:
Based on an assumed market growth of 2-3%: EBITDA Best-in-class, 4.5-5.5% Organic sales growth; Once the target leverage ratio of 2.5% has been reached: 14-16% Free cash flow of sales by 2015, Above 60% free cash flow return