Since its spin-off in 2000 and until the end of 2010, Givaudan has created approximately CHF 6 billion in value for its shareholders in the form of dividend payments and share price appreciation.

Givaudan adheres to good corporate governance, following best practices coherent with those of major industrial countries. In particular, all information published in our Annual Report complies with both the Swiss Code of Corporate Governance and the SIX Corporate Governance Guidelines. For more information please refer to the separate section on Corporate Governance.

Informing Givaudan’s different stakeholders in a timely and responsible way is of key importance to ensure transparency and equal treatment. Through frequent press releases, teleconferences and publications on, the Company disseminates material information about its performance and activities widely and simultaneously, following the Art. 72 of the revised Listing Rules (Ad Hoc Publicity) of the SIX Swiss Exchange directives.

The principles of Givaudan’s disclosure and information policy can be found on: – [our company] – [corporate governance] – [rules and policies]

At the close of 2010, Givaudan had 16,188 shareholders listed in the share register, owning 51.4% of the share capital. The top 20 shareholders, including nominees and funds, represent around 69% of the share capital. With little changes compared to last year, approximately 40% of the shareholders are based in North America.

In 2010, Givaudan’s management team conducted 31 road shows, maintaining the high level of activity seen in 2009. Givaudan added Brazil to its roadshow destinations in 2010 and will in the future expand its activities into developing countries. In 2010 the Company met existing and potential shareholders in 38 financial centres. Thirty Group presentations and conferences with a total of more than 1,000 participants were given. Close to 400 individual meetings with fund managers globally contributed to improved awareness about Givaudan. In order to inform the financial community directly, Givaudan organised two conference calls to provide more details about the full and half year results. Together, they attracted 150 participants. Furthermore, 17 visits to Givaudan sites globally with a total of 152 participants, mainly fund managers, were organised to provide an in-depth view of Givaudan’s activities. This year’s site visit programme included a two-day investor event in Brazil. Over 20 sell-side analysts and fund managers participated in this event to learn about the promising future of the Latin American markets.

For the fifth time, Givaudan organised a year-end presentation in its fine fragrance creation studios in New York to satisfy the increasing demand to visit these important and fascinating facilities and to meet with our talents. Two similar visits where held in Paris, combined with the presentation of Roman Kaiser’s new book, ‘Scent of the Vanishing Flora’.

The complete agenda of forthcoming events for shareholders is published on – [investors] – [investor calendar]