Information Technology

Extending the implementation of the Outlook solution, an enterprise system based on SAP, continued to be the dominant activity for the Company and the Information Technology group during 2010. Outlook, which first went live at selected sites in 2008, was successfully implemented at the fragrance sites and at the finance organisation in North America. In addition, all fragrance and flavour sites in Spain and Latin America, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, went live during 2010.

This work meant 1,360 new users were transferred, a record number in any one year, and brought the total number of users in the Company to 4,700, or 70% of all employees who will work with the Outlook solution. Roll-out in Asia Pacific has started and is scheduled to continue during 2011, with final deployments planned in 2012. The overall Outlook programme roll-out has been without significant problems and remains on schedule.

Internally, the IT organisation has been undergoing a structural re-alignment to better support the transition from the project implementation to an embedded SAP-based enterprise management system and to further align it with the SAP-based needs of the two divisions as well as the service organisations such as finance. This re-alignment, announced in 2010, will be implemented during 2011 in preparation for the move from the roll-out of Outlook to the day-to-day support of the new system and its associated SAP packages.

During the year, the IT teams continued to enhance their service offerings to the creation platforms in the Fragrance Division and the Flavour Division, including supporting marketing and consumer understanding with the development of new tools. The implementation of a new business management and archiving tool to improve the preservation of key Company documents such as those relating to governance and compliance matters was also achieved during 2010.

In addition, the teams supported the introduction of IBIS, a global initiative for the improved management of Fragrance Division briefs. This new system, which will also soon be available to external partners, helps those in the fragrance briefing process in their day-to-day work. The expanding use of the iPhone encouraged the IT teams during the year, working with Fragrance Division, to develop iPerfumer, a free application available via the Apple Appstore that offers consumers online guidance when buying perfume.