In 2010, the top ten customers accounted for around 55% of fragrance sales and about 30% of flavour sales. Our customers are among the most successful consumer and luxury goods manufacturers. Being a reliable business partner lies at the heart of our success, as well as adhering to high professional standards.

Through close partnership with our customers in the creation process we engage the senses of consumers around the world. Being a key partner and adviser to our customers is a key factor for sustaining Givaudan long-term. We are committed to creating and manufacturing tastes and smells which will in turn enable our customers to be successful in their respective markets. As a result, a high innovation rate and an in-depth consumer understanding are vital for the sustainability of our strong relationships.

Dedicated teams, including a strong network of colleagues working across functional categories, as well as perfumers and flavourists, serve our customers across the world. These are decisive contributors in delivering the unmatched innovation needed to remain at the cutting-edge of today’s market. This can only be achieved by knowing our clients and their markets while constantly challenging ourselves to exceed customer expectations.

Givaudan’s business model is based on a make-to-order process in a business-to-business environment. The Company serves its global, regional and local customers around the world through a global network of more than 40 subsidiaries and a world-spanning supply chain.

One of the key aspects of Givaudan’s internal policies and practices is the commitment to maintain strict confidentiality on proprietary customer information and customer projects, as well as to fully protect their intellectual property.