General Overview

The foundation of Givaudan’s continued commercial success is a longstanding commitment to research and development programmes in both the Fragrance Division and the Flavour Division.

R&D spend in millions of Swiss francs: 2010: 336, 2009: 326Creative and innovative programmes are a clear focus on the current and future needs of customers is essential for us to retain our competitive edge in the fragrance and flavour industry.

As part of these programmes, our scientists merge analytical precision with human sensory response in developing systems and technologies that help the business perform successfully in the market.

In 2010, Givaudan invested CHF 336 million in research and development, more than any other Company in the industry. This investment will allow us to deliver on short– and mid–term research initiatives. It also gives us an opportunity to invest in promising long-term programmes.

During the year, the Fragrance Division’s global Research & Technology organisation focused on the discovery of new fragrance molecules and their applications in fine fragrances and consumer products, concentrating research resources and programmes in line with industry and consumer lifestyle trends.

The Science & Technology organisation of the Flavour Division continued its commitment to developing a strong programme which addressed business growth with a focused ingredient discovery pipeline, new process technologies and a creative approach to sensory science.