Consumer Products

The Consumer Products business grew by 8.3% in local currencies driven by sales increases across all customer groups. Developing as well as mature markets contributed to this achievement.

Asia Pacific reported strong double-digit sales growth spread across all customer groups and all product segments, especially in India, Thailand and China.

Latin America posted significant growth driven by sales in the Fabric Care segment, led by Mexico and Venezuela. Local and regional customer’ sales showed double-digit growth followed by international customers.

Europe, Africa and the Middle East reported a sales increase across developing and mature markets, driven by international customers. Local and regional customer sales reported a strong growth in the developing markets of the region.

Sales in North America increased, supported by the good performance in the Air care category and a solid sales volumes with international customers.

On a worldwide basis, all product segments posted a sales increase versus prior year. Fabric Care sales showed the strongest performance followed by a significant growth in Household. Within the Household segment, the air care category delivered a strong double-digit increase especially in North America and Asia Pacific. Sales in the Personal Care segment were also significantly above last year across all regions.