Members of the Executive Committee

From left: Joe Fabbri, Human Resources; Mauricio Graber, President Flavour Division; Gilles Andrier, Chief Executive Officer; Matthias Währen, Chief Financial Officer; Michael Carlos, President Fragrance Division; Adrien Gonckel, Information Technology

Gilles Andrier

Chief Executive Officer

He joined Givaudan (1993) as Fragrance Division Controller and Assistant to the CEO. He later held various positions including Head of Fragrances Operations in the USA and Head of Consumer Products in Europe. He was appointed Head of Fine Fragrances, Europe (2001) before becoming Global Head of Fine Fragrances (2003) and then CEO of Givaudan (2005). Born in Paris, France (1961), Gilles Andrier graduated with two Masters in Engineering from ENSEEIH Toulouse and spent the first part of his career with Accenture in management consulting. He is a French national.

Mauricio Graber

President Flavour Division

Vice-President (up to October 2010) / President (since October 2010) of the International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI). He began his career with Givaudan (1995) as Managing Director for Latin America with Tastemaker. When Tastemaker was acquired by Givaudan, he became Managing Director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean before becoming Vice President for Latin America (2000). He then was appointed President of the Givaudan Flavours Division (2006). Born in 1963, he is a Mexican citizen and has a BSc in Electronic Engineering from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and a Masters in Management from the JL Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, USA.

Michael Carlos

President Fragrance Division

Board of Directors, International Fragrance Association. Board Member of the Research Institute of Fragrance Materials. He began his career with Givaudan (1984) as General Manager in Hong Kong. He became Head of the European Creative Centre in Argenteuil (1992) where he was in charge of integrating the creative resources from Givaudan and Roure. He was appointed Global Head of Consumer Products (1999) and then President of the Fragrance Division (2004). Born in 1950, Michael Carlos is a French citizen and has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management and a degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Matthias Währen

Chief Financial Officer

Member of the Regulatory Board, SIX Exchange Regulation, Board Member of the SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz. He started his career in Corporate Audit with Roche (1983) and became Finance Director of Roche Korea (1988) and then Head of Finance and Information Technology at Nippon Roche in Tokyo (1990). He was appointed Vice President Finance and Information Technology at Roche USA (1996) and then Head of Finance and Informatics of the Roche Vitamins Division (2000). He was involved in the sale of this business to DSM (2003) before joining Givaudan (2004). Born in 1953, Matthias Währen is a Swiss national and a graduate of the University of Basel.

Adrien Gonckel

Information Technology

He began his career with F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, (Basel) in the IT department (1973). He worked for Roche Belgium, Brussels as Head of IT and with Citrique Belge in charge of systems integration (1975-1978). He rejoined F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Basel (1978), taking European leadership of its IT coordination, moving then to the Roche subsidiary Roure-Bertrand-Dupont in Argenteuil, France as Head of Group IT (1982) before becoming Givaudan-Roure’s Head of Group IT (1992). Born in 1952, Adrien Gonckel is a French national. He completed a Masters in IT at the Universities of Belfort and Lyon, France.

Joe Fabbri

Human Resources

He joined Givaudan (1989) as Operations Director responsible for commissioning the Canadian manufacturing facility. Moving to the USA (1996) he was appointed Head of Operations at East Hanover, New Jersey. Based in Switzerland, he led various regional operations projects before becoming Head of Flavours Operations, EAME (2001), Head of Global Flavours Operations (2004), and then Head of Global Human Resources (2008). Born in 1958 in Ontario, Canada, Joe Fabbri graduated in mechanical engineering technology and spent the first years of his career in various engineering roles before moving into operations management.