Our Business


Flavour Division – 53% of Group sales

Flavour DivisionWe are a trusted partner to the world’s leading food and beverage companies, combining our global expertise in sensory understanding, analysis and consumer-led innovation in support of unique product applications and new market opportunities. We work with food and beverage manufacturers to develop flavours and tastes for market-leading products across all continents.

Fragrance Division – 47% of Group sales

Fragrance DivisionOur perfumery team is the largest in the industry. Our talents extend across three business areas – Fine Fragrances, Consumer Products and Fragrance Ingredients – through which we create scents for leading brands worldwide. In-depth consumer understanding, a high-performing research and development organisation and an efficient global operations network support our business.

Division breakdown

Flavour Division sales %

Beverages (Soft drinks, Fruit juices, Instant beverages): 36%, Savoury (Ready-made meals, Snacks, Soups & sauces, Meat & poultry): 35%, Dairy (Ice cream & yoghurt, Desserts, Yellow fats (margarines)): 13%, Confectionery (Baked goods, Sugar confectionery, Chocolate, Chewing gum): 16%

Division breakdown

Fragrance Division sales %

Consumer Products (Fabric and personal care, Hair & skin care, Household & air care, Oral care): 67%, Fine Fragrances (Signature fragrances, Line extensions): 20%, Fragrance Ingredients (Internal use, Third-party sales): 13%

Business process


Innovating to create new consumer-preferred aromas and ingredients combinations and improving the performance of fragrances and flavours in their final application.


The creative process of transforming ingredients and technology into successful products.

Winning the brief

An ability to fulfil the demands of our customers, thanks to successful research and creation.


Timely and efficient manufacturing of thousands of fragrance and flavour ingredients globally.

Global locations

Mature markets – 60% of Group sales

Representing 60% of the annual revenue, mature markets such as North America, Western Europe and Japan are expected to grow less fast than the developing markets but at the same time offer potential for growth in areas such as the increase in demand for Health and Wellness products.

Developing markets – 40% of Group sales

Sales in developing markets such as Asia Pacific and Latin America, as well as Eastern Europe, already account for 40% of annual revenues but this number is expected to increase to 50% by 2015. Market growth is expected to be significantly higher due to urbanisation and changes in lifestyle as well as the increase in consumers’ disposable income. In order to fully capture this potential, we have a dedicated presence with creation and production facilities in all key regions.

TasteTrek, Argentina

Givaudan undertakes first CulinaryTrek Beef in Argentina and Brazil.

Ethical sourcing, Madagascar

Givaudan establishes collaboration with a local partner to secure a sustainable supply of vanilla and assists more than 2,000 families by building 14 schools by 2014.

Ethical sourcing, Comoros

A new ethical sourcing partnership on Moheli, the smallest of the Comoros islands, brings Givaudan perfumers an exclusive quality of Ylang Ylang Extra.

CulinaryTrek, China

Givaudan CulinaryTrek China team travel to Sichuan Province.

Employees: 8,618, Production sites: 33, Locations worldwide: 82, Market share (approx): 25%