Key Events of the Year




Givaudan celebrates the 60th anniversary of its presence in the Mexican market

13 January
Givaudan celebrates the 60th anniversary of its presence in the Mexican market. The Company started in 1949 with a small office in Chimalpopoca Street, Mexico City and in 1983 opened its flavours facility in Cuernavaca in Morelos.

1 – 6 February
A Givaudan flavour team travels through northern and western India on a CulinaryTrek looking for sources of inspiration and authentic flavour creation ideas from new ingredients and traditional recipes that will translate into snacks and ready-meals.

4 February
A new fragrance ingredients production unit inaugurated at Pedro Escobedo, Mexico. The facility enables Givaudan to carry out complex, multi-step processes resulting in a key marketplace advantage.

16 February
Full Year 2009 Results: Givaudan reinforces its leadership position with a solid performance in challenging times.

5 March
The implementation of Givaudan’s enterprise system based on SAP continues across North America with successful go-lives at three sites: Mount Olive (New Jersey), Ridgedale (New Jersey) and New York (New York State).

8 – 10 March
Givaudan’s taste experts gather in Tokyo to discuss commercialisation of new umami ingredients sourced from its TasteTrek in Japan during 2009.

25 March
The Annual General Meeting elects Irina du Bois as a new member of the Board and re-elects Peter Kappeler, both for a term of three years. A 34% increase in the number of attending shareholders makes this 10th anniversary AGM the largest yet.

Release of Givaudan’s first sustainability report25 March
Release of Givaudan’s first sustainability report – ‘Sustainability: the Givaudan Facts’ shares many of the existing sustainability-related initiatives from the last 12 months, as well as the Company’s long-term aspirations.





9 April
First quarter 2010 sales: Givaudan posts strong start into 2010.

25 March – 17 April
Over a period of three weeks, Givaudan partners with high-end Paris department store Printemps. Hosting workshops for La Fête du Printemps, Givaudan educates and builds relationships with fragrance consumers.

28 April
The Fragrance Foundation, New York announces Givaudan’s Miriad® 2.0 as the winner of this year’s FiFi® Technological Breakthrough of the Year for Fragrance Creation & Formulation.

21 May
Givaudan sweeps to success at the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Beauty Awards in New York. In the presence of 1,800 industry professionals, Givaudan is the creative force behind the winners in all three fragrance categories.

27 May
Flavours teams from the USA and Europe staff booths at The Drinks Ingredients 2010 Virtual Conference and Expo offering information about TasteEssentials® Citrus, TasteSolutions® Sweetness, TasteEssentials® Tea, TasteEssentials® Coffee and ByNature for beverages.

28 May
Launch of the new ‘Engaging the Senses’ brand positioning, reflecting a stronger and more differentiated Givaudan to all stakeholders.

Givaudan Engaging the Senses

8 June
Givaudan celebrates its 10th anniversary on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

9 June
Givaudan launches iPerfumer, the personal ‘fragrance consultant’ in your pocket and the first iPhone application to help consumers navigate the perfume market.

10 June
The Givaudan team celebrates the selection of Marc Jacob’s Lola as ‘Fragrance of the Year, Women’s Luxe’ and Love Rocks’ selection as ‘Women’s Private Label Fragrance of the Year’ at the New York FiFi® Awards.

14 – 18 June
Givaudan launches major coffee flavours initiative in Japan for key customers, showcasing new innovative concepts and flavour combinations for one of the world’s largest ready-to-drink coffee markets.

23 – 30 June
Givaudan CulinaryTrek China team travels to Sichuan Province to smell, taste and analyse spicy cuisines popular with Chinese consumers. The exploration of local markets and restaurants for authentic ingredients, flavours and popular dishes will translate into new flavours for processed meat, noodles, snacks and quick serve restaurant meals for our customers.





New Fragrance Creative Centre opens at the Jaguaré site in São Paulo, Brazil

2 July

New Fragrance Creative Centre opens at the Jaguaré site in São Paulo, Brazil. The new facility doubles the team’s capabilities in creation, application and technology to meet growing demand in Brazil and Latin America.

9 July
The implementation of Givaudan’s new enterprise system based on SAP continues with successful go-lives at three Mexican sites: Cuernavaca, Pedro Escobedo and Mexico City.

19 July
Givaudan’s Sensory Research and Molecular Biology groups based in Cincinnati, working with the United States National Institutes of Health, identify particular gene variants that regulate sweetness sensitivity.

5 August
Half Year 2010 Results: Double-digit sales growth and strongly improved profitability.

16 August
The implementation of Givaudan’s new enterprise system based on SAP continues across Latin America with successful go-lives at four sites: Brazil (São Paulo), Argentina (Munro and Malvinas) and Colombia (Bogotá).

28 August
Givaudan features in ‘The Perfume Diaries’, an exhibition that celebrates the heritage of perfume at Harrods in London. Our Innovative Naturals programme and iPerfumer are displayed, highlighting Givaudan’s leading influence in the industry.

31 August
Givaudan unveils its updated five-year strategy to continue to outperform underlying market growth and to further expand its leading position in the fragrance and flavours industry. As part of this strategy, Givaudan plans to build a CHF 170 million best-in-class, centralised flavours production facility in Makó, Hungary.

2 September
Givaudan develops a unique sensory language, Sense It Salt, which enables a more accurate description of the complex taste effects of salt in foods. Sense It Salt enhances Givaudan’s ability to create flavours that restore the taste aspects of salt and drive consumer preference in low sodium applications.

13 September
The Fragrance Ingredients plant of Pedro Escobedo, Mexico is awarded the ‘Clean Industry Certification’ from the Mexican Environmental Protection Agency.

28 September
Givaudan supports the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity through its commitment to preserving the environment and safeguarding biodiversity.





1 October
Our US-based flavour production site in East Hanover receives Fair Trade status for vanilla beans converted into certified extracts.

5 October
Givaudan partners with SafeStart and launches worldwide safety awareness training for all employees as part of the Company’s global behavioural-based safety initiative.

5 October
Givaudan’s ChefsCouncil, a panel of world renowned international chefs, meet in Hong Kong to share and demonstrate its flavour expertise and creative mastery, resulting in an evolution of culinary thinking and flavour innovation. The simultaneous launch of our Discovery blog attracts more than 1,000 visitors over the three days of the event.

8 October
Third quarter 2010 sales: Givaudan growth momentum maintained.

Givaudan scientist Dr Roman Kaiser publishes ‘Scent of the Vanishing Flora'

25 November

Givaudan scientist Dr Roman Kaiser publishes ‘Scent of the Vanishing Flora’. His third book tracks, reveals and discusses the scent of endangered plant species and is endorsed by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

30 November
Givaudan hosts follow-up webinar from the ChefsCouncil Hong Kong for over 100 key customers.

1 December
Givaudan implements new labelling and classification rules in compliance with the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) to ensure the protection of the people and the environment. The initiative launches in Europe with a phased global roll-out.

14 December
Givaudan formalises its commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce with a Diversity Position Statement. As part of the Company’s Sustainability programme, it pledges to act in two areas: to continue the effective practices already in place to manage diversity and to increase the representation of women in senior leadership positions.

17 December
Givaudan defines corporate charitable themes as part of its Sustainability programme by providing employees with a clear policy statement and overarching framework for charitable support and community involvement.